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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

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When it rains it pours!

If insurance is for a rainy day, Umbrella Insurance is for a storm! You might be surprised one day to get hit with a lawsuit for thousands of dollars. You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one. What if the unthinkable happens to you?

Would you be ready for a major lawsuit with the protection you have? Everybody is looking to get money somehow, unfortunately some sue for anything and everything. On the other hand, things could happen.

But the question is 'Are you properly protected?'

Remember you have a lot at stake: equipment, real estate, valuable property items, and so on. All of these are often expensive to replace. In addition, the number of clients, suppliers, partners and other business associates that you, as an owner, come into contact with every single day means that there is more of a chance of getting hit with a lawsuit.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance is an extra layer of protection above and beyond the coverage you have on your policies. If by any chance your liability coverage has been exhausted on your Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, or a similar policy, the Umbrella Policy would kick-in!

To be able to get it, you must have evidence that you already have other 'primary' insurance policies in place for any known exposures such as automobile, watercraft or residence.

There are different reasons why you would purchase an Umbrella Insurance:

  • Protecting yourself and your family against the worst case scenario.
  • Consider the risks that you may face.
  • Consider the value of your assets.
  • Potential loss of future income.

The possible benefits of getting Umbrella Insurance include:

  • Liability limits are higher on your Automobile and Habitational Insurance.
  • Worldwide coverage for lawsuits outside of Canada.
  • Coverage is extended to non-owned aircraft and non-owned watercraft.
  • Protection against worst case scenarios with additional limits.
  • Bodily injury and personal injury has a broader definition.

Massive Protection For Pennies A Day

Because Umbrella Insurance protection is for those stormy days, it is very affordable and versatile. Remember that a million dollars doesn't buy what it used to so you better protect yourself accordingly.

This is one of THE solutions to protecting your assets to its full value. Dial up at 1-877-314-4484 for a no obligation quote and let us review your current policies to make sure that you don't have undesirable gaps that could cost you a mint. Protecting you for the storms is our mission!

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